Solutions for Printing Problems

Even though flexography looks simple at first glance, each flexo printer is working hard dealing with a variety of difficulties, causing unnecessary loss of production time and waste.


Do you know the phenomenon that in combination with other processes, the flexo register is sometimes exactly right, sometimes not again? Do you always lose the web tension on one of the two materials when printing reverse on glue? Do you struggle with cloudy print images or lose a lot of time, because inkspitting occurs again and again? Do you have register problems with the die-cutting and tear the matrix at higher production speeds? Do you often have problems with barrings in the printed image?


With over 25 years of experience solving printing problems, collected in countless printing plants around the world, we claim to have encountered almost every possible printing problem in flexography and label printing. We are happy to share our knowledge with you and help to solve production problems!


You have the choice to let us analyse the problem from afar, or we will visit you on-site where we will find ways to eliminate the problems in the long term. For more informations, make a selection and click on the corresponding image!